Huh? Since when did this new option come up? Huh. Well, since it’s the only one available, might as well check this suspicious looking figure out.

> So who is this douchebag anyway?



SONOFABITCH —- Really? Really?

You’re just gonna ruin a potentially amazing grand entrance that may have possibly been meticulously planned out for months? Just like that? Come on here! What’s a guy gotta do to have some presence around here!? Jesus Christ, you’re almost tempted to just get up and quit altogether after that.

But since your older siblings have asked you time and time again to help around with their dumb blog, you might as well just get them to shut up and answer some damn questions already.

What? You have to tell shit about yourself too? Fan-fucking-tastic. Alright, fine, just fine, you’ll do it! But you swear, if any gray-faced douchebags try to butt in while you’re doing something, someone is going to have their face rearranged.


New Character: Enter name

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